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We can cater for all your commercial electrical needs

Over the years we have carried out work on a wide variety of Commercial premises from shops and department stores to restaurants, pubs and offices. Whether you need electrical systems for a new shop or are looking to upgrade your existing systems – we can help.

Commercial premises rely on a range of electrical systems - all of which we can design, install and maintain. From display lighting to security systems and alarms, we can help.

We also carry out detailed inspections and testing to ensure your systems comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

Debenhams, House of Fraser and Binns are just a few of the customers sites we have carried out installations.

We can advise you about the current regulations as well as help you to meet the standards required for Fire Safety Certification.

All of our commercial work is carried out to the relevant British Standards.

Here are a few examples of the Commercial work we undertake:

  • Display lighting;
  • Control wiring;
  • Sign installation and maintenance;
  • Data/network cabling and cable management;
  • Electrical testing, inspection, certification and troubleshooting;
  • Emergency lighting systems designed, installed and maintained to current British Standards;
  • Fire alarm systems designed, installed and maintained to current British Standards;
  • Exterior floodlighting and car park lighting;
  • Water heating.